WOTAtokyo ☆9th Anniversary☆ LIVE stream “WOTAtokyo Radio Special Edition”

WOTAtokyo ⭐️9th Anniversary⭐️ LIVE stream “WOTAtokyo Radio Special Edition”

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Spreading Japan’s proud wotaku culture from Tokyo to the world! Enjoy Japanese music of a wide variety from anime, vocaloid, idol to J-POP selected by WOTAtokyo crew!
#WOTAtokyo9thAnniversary LIVE is a special edition of our regular events, livestreaming to anime fans around the world!

Performer info:
DJ DUBMAC, VDJ KAZBONGO, Special Guest DJ TOKU, Special Guest singer ISHANAZ and Guest MC kyoko

29 may 25:00-
Looking forward to chatting with you!